Oncology Pathways – Good Idea. Ain’t Working.

Posted on May 28th, 2014 in Uncategorized by Karl

The attached WSJ article describes yet another push for oncology pathways from the payers in their effort to reduce the oncology drug spend.

What I found interesting is that docs are effectively using the precision medicine argument to counter the payers’ insistence that providers adhere to therapeutic pathways for most of their cancer patients.  Docs have always been successful in waving the clinical card when payers have attempted to restrict the way they practice.  However, using precision medicine and molecular sequencing against any payer mandated oversight is pure genius.  The payer will lose this fight.

The only real solution to our uncontrollable (and unsustainable) healthcare spend (and oncology is up there as one of the worst offenders) is to include healthcare providers in the solution by encouraging them to take on financial risk of treating patients.