Election Chip Shots

Posted on October 2nd, 2008 in Uncategorized by Karl

1) Tonight’s VP debate has to be the most anticipated VP debate in history.  I actually think Palin won’t come across as a complete moron.  She might do OK.  I am worried about Biden.  He might shoot himself in the foot several times tonight.  The man is smart and impressive, but he can’t shut up.

2) McCain is losing steam.  There’s no way he can effectively market himself as the “anti-Bush”.  Obama’s “we can’t afford four more years” message is being heard.  Look for Obama to pull away.  Look for McCain to get nasty as it becomes evident that he is losing in the polls.  Obama will win handily.  Nice try McCain.

3) And to all you Republicans out there:  don’t be too depressed when Obama wins.  The best part of an Obama/Biden campaign is that at least Hillary won’t be able to for president in 2012.  And let’s face it…by 2016 she’ll be too old to run.