Reaction to last Friday’s First Presidential Debate

Posted on September 30th, 2008 in Uncategorized by Karl

A few thoughts come to mind.  “Boring.”  “A waste of time”.  “Politicians doing what they do best.”

I admire both McCain and Obama as men with great integrity. I thought both were “different” than your typical politician.  However, last night they sure sounded like your run-of-the-mill politicians.

In a critique of the debate on NPR a political expert was quoted as saying: “Both candidates both did great.  Neither one really screwed up.”  Since when is “not screwing up” equivalent to doing a good job and serving the American interests?  I guess that’s politics for you.

Reaction to the Failure of Congressional Approval for the Bailout

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US citizens should wake up and realize how fragile our economy is right now. This bail out is much bigger than just supporting the “fat cats”. If we let the banking system freeze up, we will all feel the grip of a global Depression. We will become Japan or revert back to the US in 1929 all over again.So much for “country first”. “Politics first and country second” is more like it. However, it also shows that Bush’s plea to get this done was meaningless. Bush isn’t a “lame duck” president. He’s a “dead duck” president.Finally, what does all this mean for November 4th ? I think this fiasco just handed Obama-Biden the White House. The country is so disgusted with the Bush Administration that McCain cannot and will not be able to adequately distance himself from his party. McCain, you are guilty by association. Try as you might, you can’t erase that “R” from your forehead.  You will lose the election. And by the way…Obama, you are screwed. After winning the White House you are inheriting a bankrupt, ‘recessioned’ country that has serious domestic and international problems which have no quick fix.

47 Days to Go

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With 47 days left to go until the election, let me state three obvious points:

1)      A lot can happen in 47 days.  It feels like the “quiet before the storm” and it really hasn’t gotten ugly yet.  We all know it’s going to get ugly real fast.


2)       What issue is going to be first and foremost on the minds of Americans come November 4th?  If it’s the economy, Obama wins.  If it’s national security, McCain wins.  If the election took place today, the economy is first and foremost on everyone’s mind so I would give the nod to Obama.  I don’t think McCain gives a credible argument that he’s the change engine the country needs.  If in the next 47 days, the US encounters a credible terrorist threat that rattles us, McCain will win.


3)      The Palin story is getting old.  Nominating Palin as VP was a genius strategy by the GOP.  Just think.  For 30 days, no one has discussed any real issues.  They (we) have been distracted by all this Palin gossip.  That was a good thing for McCain as he allowed him to stay neck and neck with Obama.

Life in Iraq

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Why aren’t he Iraqis thrilled with the US occupation?  Well, here’s one reason.  Their quality of life has gotten WORSE since Saddam was overthrown.  The typical Iraqi only gets two hours of electricity a day.  In this mecca for oil, there is a huge shortage of fuel.  Iraqis wait in lines for over three hours to fill up their gas tanks.  Kerosene for cooking is rationed and there are huge lines for that too.


In America, we are ripped when we have to pay $4 per gallon for gas.  Imagine the bitterness the Iraqis have towards us.   No wonder they hate us.

Election Update

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The best line I’ve heard is:

“This election is about a candidate who should have been elected eight years ago and one that should be elected eight years from now.”


Chip shots from the GOP Convention (days 1-3):

1)      Rudy Guilliani is a fool.  Talk about an awful speech.  Rudy:  go back to the private sector and run your consulting firm / investment bank and make millions.  But please, don’t even think about going into national politics again.  You come across as a dope.

2)      Mitt:  You are toast too.  For such a smart guy, what’s with your speech full of bitter one liners?  Your attacks on Obama, make you seem catty and fake.  You gave it your best shot this year as a candidate.  McCain smartly decided you were too much of a risk as a VP candidate.  Now move back to Bain Capital and ring the cash register (again).

3)      Palin:  You surprised everyone last night.  Up until your speech, the convention had been a complete waste of time (and painful to watch).  Given the first impression you made on America last night, I think McCain’s gamble might work.  You have solidified support from the conservative right, and you might just mobilize woman to get up and vote for the GOP ticket.  All that “hockey mom” talk might just get the suburban mom’s to warm up to you.


Let’s face it, the only chance the GOP ticket has is to keep emphasizing McCain’s war hero status and his POW experience.