Review of the movie “Glory” (1998)

Posted on February 21st, 2008 in Uncategorized by Karl

Review of the Movie Glory:OK.  I was looking for a great movie to watch - an oldie but goodie.  I found it… “Glory” (1998).  Wow!  This movie was terrific.  It literally has changed my life.

Having grown up in Florida (very loosely defined as “the South”), I grew up with the mental Civil War image of white Union soldiers marching through the South fighting their fellow Americans to rid the Confederacy of slavery.  I knew the war was brutal and bloody, but I (naively) thought it was white men fighting each other.Then I learned of the 54thThe 54th was a volunteer militia made up of free black men – most of which were second generation free blacks – who volunteered to fight to end slavery.  The 54th were trained in Boston but were recruited from all over – as far away as Canada.  (The city that sent the most recruits was Oberlin, Ohio!?) 

The 54th was led by Col. Robert Gould Shaw – a white man commissioned to lead this motley crew.  Shaw reluctantly accepted the charge – a call to action that was hardly seen as a worthy (and certainly not a well-respected) leadership position among senior military officers).

“Glory” is a movie that documents the growth of Col. Shaw and the 54th – both individually and together.  Shaw learns to respect and admire his troops.  The black troops triumph over all odds and prove to be awe-inspiring heroes of the Civil War. 

This movie will inspire you and change your life.